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Isn’t it amazing how often we experience really bad customer service. And, when we do, doesn’t it really annoy you?

Customer relationship management is the latest technology to promise a competitiv


“Under promise and over deliver” – these are the very wise words of Tom Peters. It’s such a simple concept but in practice so few businesses manage to do it.

This baffles me.

small talkI’m often amazed at how many people I meet who tell me that they are no


Whatever your stance on technology, clients are increasingly expecting their accountancy firm to keep up with current technological trends and systems to ultimately offer them a better service, say

My client currently has quickbooks

They are looking for a CRM system that integrates with their accounting package


Hi everyone


I have a client who is looking for an accounts package which integrates with a CRM product at a budget (she is a sole trader) of around £40 a month.

I was recently asked to speak at a Glasgow Digital event explaining what Software as a Service (SaaS) was all about.