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Running a small business is always a big challenge that every owner faces It requires being up-to-date with a large variety of market data, potential opportunities and product or service developmen


Any ideas on the above topic?

I have looked through all older comments on this and some other websites, but I could not find any new recommendations.


We are a small family accountancy practice.


Hi All,

I'm looking to get started with a CRM system. Not so much for current client info (although it will be on there) but more for prospects/marketing.


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The main lesson from the latest 


Isn’t it amazing how often we experience really bad customer service. And, when we do, doesn’t it really annoy you?

Customer relationship management is the latest technology to promise a competitiv


“Under promise and over deliver” – these are the very wise words of Tom Peters. It’s such a simple concept but in practice so few businesses manage to do it.

This baffles me.