HMRC has been advising some AccountingWEB members experiencing issues with its CT600 filing software, to lodge accounts via PDF.

Has anybody else had this problem?  The balance matches the amount I enter in the Balance Sheet and I am not getting any error messages bt just nothing happens when I click NEXT, it just seems to b


I am preparing a CT600 for a company which manages and sub-lets a leased property for profit.  I am unsure whether to call it a trading company and select 0 on the 'Type of Company' page or select


Have a client who has two separate trades running through one limited company.

I understand that for tax purposes you have to separate the trades and keep two sets of accounts.


As a small sole practitioner ( < 150 clients ) -  I was getting a little frustrated by having my accounts and tax software desktop based... and with several different providers.


Hi, hope you are well and hope you can help me :)... 1. I've filled my tax return "25 Apr 2012 - 24 Apr 2013" until the "30 Apr 2013". Was it a mistake? 2.


I'm a little confused here so bear with me,



Hi all, I hope someone can offer advice.