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The Ltd Co client has a lot of deferred income due to a project not being performed till after the year end and as such the company's turnover for the first year is nil.



Hi there, I would kindly need an expert opinion about where to put a balancing figure in my CT600.My Company trades with Chinese manufacturers and has customers mainly in US, so it is convenient to


Ltd. Co client has made a loss in year ended 31 August 2014. 

Has profits in the prior year that these losses can be offset against. 


HMRC has been advising some AccountingWEB members experiencing issues with its CT600 filing software, to lodge accounts via PDF.

Has anybody else had this problem?  The balance matches the amount I enter in the Balance Sheet and I am not getting any error messages bt just nothing happens when I click NEXT, it just seems to b


I am preparing a CT600 for a company which manages and sub-lets a leased property for profit.  I am unsure whether to call it a trading company and select 0 on the 'Type of Company' page or select


Have a client who has two separate trades running through one limited company.

I understand that for tax purposes you have to separate the trades and keep two sets of accounts.


As a small sole practitioner ( < 150 clients ) -  I was getting a little frustrated by having my accounts and tax software desktop based... and with several different providers.