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Do I attach both the tagged files for tax and accounts from VT to my HMRC CT600 filing tool? It only seems to want one attachment, so I've attached the accounts file.


I have client who has a company for which we completed a dormant set of accounts as the company has not traded for the financial year under review.


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I know we are all waiting for the wonderful day that we can file accounts/CT600 for limited companies with post 31/3/11 year ends.


I am trying to file the corporation tax return using HMRCs online system for the first time.  Ive looked at their sample Accounts & Computation and see that the accounts have amortisation of Go

 I have 2 limited companies, and filed online CT600 returns for both earlier this month.


The efiling regime for Corporation Tax has forced many accountants to reconsider technical points they used to take for granted.


I have a client who prepares PLC accounts in MS Word. I need to file the CT600 (Long) and wondered what the best way to tag the accounts would be.


The great iXBRL deadline passed without too much fuss on 1 April, but posts on AccountingWEB in the pa


HMRC issued a notice to file CT600 for a dormant company having a year end after 31 March 2010.