I have 2 limited companies, and filed online CT600 returns for both earlier this month.


The efiling regime for Corporation Tax has forced many accountants to reconsider technical points they used to take for granted.


I have a client who prepares PLC accounts in MS Word. I need to file the CT600 (Long) and wondered what the best way to tag the accounts would be.


The great iXBRL deadline passed without too much fuss on 1 April, but posts on AccountingWEB in the pa


HMRC issued a notice to file CT600 for a dormant company having a year end after 31 March 2010.


Has anyone else had problems filing ixbrl company accounts on HMRC's website?  On 18 February we decided to test the system and file our first CT return and accounts in ixbrl format.  We used Iris


Can anyone advise me if the new CT600 will include an accounts and CTax computation template and, if so, by including my accounts in this format will I be automatically IXBRL compliant?



It's late - I'm probably being blind (or thick, or both! :) ).


With the Treasury considering the pros and cons of extending the deadline for iXBRL efiling, AccountingWEB.co.uk members, software experts and professional representatives offer ministers their


I just voluntarily submitted a series of CT600 tax returns through the iXBRL protocol and so far, everything seems to have gone well.  Some odd experiences were: