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I am going to take my first CTA exam in November and to ease myself in have gone for the awareness module.


Hi, I'm currently coming to the end of my AAT course and am wondering what to move on to next.


I am currently looking into studying towards the CTA qualification, and I have a few questions I would be grateful if someone could respond to.


Hi all does anyone know when I can get hold of the study book for this module or has one to sell? Many thanks


Can some recently qualified CTA's provide some information on what is considered "relevant experience" for admission to the CIOT as a CTA?


I have been toying with the idea of sitting the CTA papers for some time now so I looked at all the previous posts on AWeb on this topic just to help me make up my mind.


A recently qualified accountant recently asked whether a CTA or an ATT qualification would be the best option at this point in her career.


Hello I am ACA qualified taking ATT to refresh my skills. I should finish this in November and would like to progress to CTA.  Is it better to do all the CTA exams in 1 financial year?