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Getting data procedures in place and being proactive early on is essential to the smooth running of automatic enrolment (AE) in your business or accounting practice.


Companies House is on track to make access to all of its digital information free of charge to customers by the end of this month.


Cloud accounting took centre stage at the recent Accountex event and attendees seemed more eager than ever to move their operations onto the web – but the technology’s meteoric rise has been ac


Ilya Kondrashov, co-founder and CFO of MarketInvoice, says investing in keeping data clean and integrating across d


Staff at Companies House in Cardiff sent confidential and personal details to the wrong people, according to a recent freedom of information (FOI) request.


Do you consider yourself a data analytics expert?

​Companies House will make all of its digital data free of charge from April 2015. ​


The Financial Reporting Council (FRC) has started an

I have been using a network server in my practice for several years.

I would like to store my client's data on Dropbox ( business version ) as

1. Itwould be cheaper


Companies House is allowing the public to have free access to statutory accounts in data format for the first time ever.