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Dave Hartnett

While grilling former permanent secretary of HMRC Dave Hartnett and current tax assurance commissioner Edward Troup, PAC chairperson Margaret Hodge accused HMRC of unfairly targeting small busi


Dave Hartnett, as we all know, has taken a part-time job with Deloitte, a job which is described as being to advise governments and fiscal authorities, mainly in t


Former HMRC permanent secretary for tax Dave Hartnett has joined Big Four firm Deloitte.


The way HMRC negotiates tax deals with big businesses has come under renewed scrutiny after it was reported that the government was paid £4.5bn from just four "swe


Dave Hartnett, the former head of HMRC is to work for HSBC, helping the bank combat financial crime.


Dave Hartnett, the former permanent secretary for tax at HMRC, was honoured “for services to tax avoidance” by tax protesters at the Practical Tax Planning conference in Oxford last week.


Responding to criticism from MPs, HMRC will appoint a new commissioner to oversee major tax disputes.


HMRC permanent secretary for tax Dave Hartnett has rejected claims that HMRC is too cosy with big business and has said that people who pay cash in hand to tradesmen are “diddling” the economy.


This year was not a good one for HMRC or its permanent secretary for tax, Dave Hartnett.


Much excitement has been generated by Dave Hartnett’s appearance before the Public Accounts Committee and the matter of how Goldman Sachs got away with paying no interest on a substantial settl