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David Carter

With the new Daybook worksheet set up via MS Query, David Carter now uses Excel pivot tables to create reports on sales by customer, by area, and by product group.

Continuing his quest to improve to sales reporting at Northwinds Traders, David Carter reviews the data we downloaded last time into Excel and from it defines a "data map" of Northwind.


Northwind Traders run all their sales orders and stock control through an ageing accounts package written in Access.


In the corporate world Excel add-in reporting tools such as XLCubed and Intelligent Apps have been enormously successful.

Seven of David Carter's self-teach tutorials on Excel pivot tables are about budgets.

Continuing his series of tutorials on using pivot tables with budgets, David Carter now produces the monthly reports comparing actual to budget, Month and Year to Date.


When reporting actuals against budget, you often find that your budget categories don’t match the nominal codes in the accounts package.

Data held in row and column format like budgets is difficult to analyse in a pivot table.


“Bank reconciliation? What is a bank reconciliation?”
“What are these cheques that you have in England?”