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Following his first tutorial on how to set up MS Query and the Sage ODBC drivers, David Carter's second tutorial shows you how to extrac


It’s about time we looked seriously at Microsoft Query. Query is an add-in which enables you to get data out of your accounts package (Sage, Pegasus, Exchequer etc) and into Excel.


If you are ever involved in selecting or implementing a stock control package, AccountingWEB consultant editor David Carter discusses some of the points you will need to consider.

If you want to learn about Excel pivot tables, you've come to the right place. AccountingWEB has built up a wealth of learning resources over the past six years.


For the management accountant, says David Carter, Excel pivot tables represent the most important development in IT since the original invention of the spreadsheet.


This article updates IT Zone consultant editor David Carter's hugely popular pivot table tutorial, which applies Excel's powerful multidimensional analysis tool to one of the most common busines


Written by David Carter and Simon Hurst, ExcelZone's series of Five Minute tips aims to develop your skills at using Excel pivot tables.