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Reader Ray Yaukip has been experimenting with pivot tables to summarise stock movements in and out. They give him most of what he wants but has come up against a problem.


Reader Ray Yaukip needed a pivot table that gave the total of stock movements or of stock value between two dates.


The Multiple Consolidation Ranges feature allows you to pile a lot of similar worksheets on top of each other and summarise the results in a pivot table.

For anyone who is serious about analysing data and creating pivot table reports, knowing how to use Excel's VLOOKUP function is a must. David Carter explains how.


David Carter writes...... A small point, but I've just been downloading my bank statement from Lloyds into Excel and noticed that they've improved it.

In the first article we looked at the process of getting data out of Sage and into Excel via Sage's File'Send Contents To Excel f


For many companies, the key reports which managers need to run the business are about sales and gross margins by product - but, if you're like me, no one ever really trusts the gross margin figure


Reading the recent articles on management report packs, David Carter objects that most of this stuff is ancient history.


Creating List type reports is a fairly straightforward process, but producing summary reports is a minefield.

Inadequate reports have been a source of complaints ever since accounting packages were invented. Now at last a solution may be on the horizon.