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David Gauke

Financial secretary to the Treasury David Gauke has been in post since 2010 and during that time he has nailed his colours to the mast of HMRC’s digital strategy.


Following the announcement of HMRC’s plans to open up its internal programming interfaces to third-party developers, the department responded to our requests for more information by offering us a 1


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Gauke criticises airport VAT scam


David Gauke has been re-appointed financial secretary to the Treasury in the new Conservative government.

HMRC has claimed it increased its tax take by 15%, up £3.2bn on last year, bringing in a record £23.9bn from “increased activity” on unpaid tax.


Doubts have been raised about whether HMRC has enough resources to tackle the most serious forms of tax evasion after official figures showed that just four inspec


HMRC is celebrating a legal victory after the Court of Appeal ruled against a £68m scheme used to avoid stamp-duty land tax (SDLT), overturning a previous ruling by the 


The government has signed an agreement to exchange tax information with France, Germany, Italy and Spain in an effort to catch and deter tax evaders.


HMRC has successfully challenged a tax avoidance scheme to allow wealthy people to pay little or no tax on their income, in a court ruling that it said will protec