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This excerpt from David Ringstrom’s High Impact Excel series on our US sister site shows how you can apply conditiona

Freezing panes in Excel can be a frustration.

After his previous encounters with Excel on the iPad and iPhone, AccountingWEB technology editor-at-large David H Ringstrom tried his luck on an Android tablet.


AccountingWEB’s US-based tech editor-at-large David H Ringstrom continues his tutorial series with tour of the ways of saving and sending copies of your worksheets


Accessing the file menu can get quite repetitive in Excel 2010 or 2013, but AccountingWEB.com technology editor-at-large David H Ringstrom reckons Excel


After expressing disappointment following his first encounter

David H Ringstrom explores some of the quirks of the most popular Excel function: SUM. 

Most Excel users use the SUM function to sum a single range, such as =SUM(B2:B8).


The latest tip from David Ringstrom was inspired by a question in one of his High Impact Excel webinars.

AccountingWEB.com’s US tech editor-at-large David H Ringstrom has a few reservations about Microsoft’s spreadsheet migration to its big rival’s phone and tablet op


David Ringstrom says that building complex spreadsheets without using VLOOKUP is like putting a screw in the wall with a hammer.