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debt management

The landscape of the business world has changed; borders are no longer an obstacle and global business has become the norm, not the exception.

HMRC today opened a new dedicated  phone line for tax advisers wanting to deal with enforcement/compliance, debt management and banking issues.

The government’s approach to collecting debt such as tax and benefit overpayments is inconsistent and often ineffective, according to a


This isn't so much a question as a warning to practitioners and I feel something that warrants national press attention, though I could do with some opinion on what to do next.


I have recently been in correspondence with HMRC's Debt Management Debt Enforcement Unit, regarding what I believe to be a miscalculation of interest and surcharges.


I am astounded that HMRC are issuing Debt Management letters for 31 January liabilities.  The most extraordinary one is where underpaid 2011-12 payments on account result in an interest charge.  Th


The ICAEW Tax Faculty has raised a number of concerns with HMRC over chang


Partnerships, don't you just love 'em? They are fine while everything is going well, but just try to wind one up!