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deferred tax

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I am studying and also doing the books for my families business (its their first year) as a sort of case study (just for my own brain)

I have the following problem?


In the current version of UK GAAP taxation is dealt with in two accounting standards: FRS 16 Current Tax and FRS 19 Deferred Tax, explains Steve Collings. 


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How do you present the fact that group relief has been taken on the face of a subsidiaries accounts profit and loss? 


Steve Collings provides this month’s Q&A round-up, looking at revenue recognition and capitalisation of computer software, among other topics.

Steve Collings considers some frequently asked questions in the areas of tainting rules in IAS 39 and deferred tax implications, among others.

The FAQ include:

One of the tasks faced by the Accounting Standards Board (ASB) in their convergence to an international-based financial reporting framework, notably the Financial Reporting Standard for Mid-Siz


Steve Collings offers a refresher guide to deferred tax rules and considerations for those preparing financial statements.