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We are splitting out our assets into different categories as they were previously all under P and M.  While we do this we are also going to change the depreciation method from RB to straight line a


I've been thumbing through an old companies accounts and am trying to wrap my head around my accountant's calculations for fixed asset depreciation.


We recently purchased some IT equipment for our Academy which included a 5 year warranty. The total costs have been posted to Fixed Assets.   Our policy is to depreciate IT equipment  "straight lin





Currently preparing stats for an audit exempt limited company with Freehold building as an asset which the business operates from.




We have recently carried out a major repair to one of our main fixed assets. It was about £15k so not coppers


Assuming a new UK small business that has spent a £100k on capital to set up. As we know, the AIA allows for £25k of offsets (assume this business is setting up now thus after 1 April 2012).


Having taken over some jobs from a previous accountant I was surprised at the different depreciation methods used.  I personally always attach residual values to motor vehicles and expensive plant


How do you depreciate a Lease Renewal payment. Say, if the house is depreciated over a 50 year period and the lease is renewed for 100 years.


Hi I have a quick question, am I right to say that depreciation can't be charged until the asset is in use?

Thank you