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directors loan account

I have overdrawn 25,000 in a year as directors loan. Can I return the loan amount without paying any kind of tax?


could anyone refresh me on the relevance of each of the loan balance/beneficial loan account rules?

everyone seems to take a different angle on this. 

beneficial loan rules:


Has anyone dealt with the write off of an overdrawn directors loan account where the director is the sole shareholder of the company.


Hi Folks

Some alternative points of view and solutions greatfully received

Hi everyone

Here's one for you.....

Property investment company, owned by one family.  Mum & Dad are majority shareholders and are looking to exit. 


Can a director be self employed in his own company, especially if this is his only source of income ?


if there is an accounting period of say 16 months and the director takes a loan in month 1 - do they have 9 moths after the extended period end to repay or 9 months after the CT period re s419



I’m looking at annual accounts for a small company where the directors loan account is in credit (company owes directors).