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Here is a summary of some of the changes announced by the Chancellor of the Exchequer in the Summer Budget, published on 8 July 2015.

Income Tax

Contractor client tells us:

(i) when he wants a dividend, and how much, and would we just prepare the paperwork please; and


I worked for a recruitment agency last year for 7 months and was asked to set up a limited company to do so. It only turned over £9600 and has now ceased trading.


I am about to calculate an interim (half yearly) dividend for a client, and just had one question about it.   They have a net profit before tax and before depreciation of £24,000. 



Hello All

I'm hoping some one can help as soon as possible.


This is probably wanting the dividend cake and eating it also, but is there any wording that can be legitimately used to declare a dividend before 5th April, where the actual amount can be varied a



When entering dividends paid via IRIS code 472/** the trial balance shows a profit/loss figure which includes the amount of dividends paid.


One of our clients has been told that there is a scheme where a Director/Shareholder paid a nominal salary under PAYE can also be paid monthly dividends. 


Questions on the practicalities of paying dividends are asked on a regular basis under the Any Answers area of AccountingWEB.