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document management

Digita’s Onvio client centre is the latest entrant into the e-signature sphere, allowing accountants to use electronic document approval to get their clients' mark.

For your business, the end of the financial year can be a time when extra strain is put on senior managers and accountants, as well as finance departments.

A friend of mine is trying to choose between the cloud accounting/bookkeeping software providers, and integrated document management is a feature he's particularly keen on.


Many companies experience problems with accountancy and finance paperwork taking over their office space, resulting in high storage costs.

Finance professionals are unhappy with their current purchase ordering process and are tied up in unnecessary admin as a result.


 Last year I was confidently predicting that my change to a hosted desktop solution (HDUK) and a document management system (Lindenhouse) would save me loads of time and make it possible for me to


Electronic document specialist Lindenhouse has collaborated with AccountingWEB to publish a


We are starting afresh with our computer hardware & software. Any suggestions as to what we should buy?


Collaborative web portals are now becoming an accepted feature of accountancy practice.


SSA13: Document management winner