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employment allowance

Since 6 April 2014, employers have been able to utilise the employment allowance to reduce the amount of National Insurance Contributions (NICs) that they pay on employees wages by up to £2,000.


Partnership business transferred to a limited company and has claimed the full employment allowance pre incorporation.  Is there another £2k up for grabs by the limited company for this tax year, o


One of my clients is a children's day nursery.  I prepare their end of year accounts but they use someone else to do the monthly payroll.


Looking at the recent budget, and the changes to the employment allowance for sole director companies, am I correct in assuming that if there are two directors (i.e.


Hi all

I have looked through various threads and can't find a definitive answer to this.


In the budget, sole director companies will lose the benefit of the employment allowance.


My client carries out his own payroll and claims the NIC Employment Allowance on salary payments through his limited company.


This  page has just been drawn to my attention: https://www.gov.uk/claim-employment-allowance


The government should start increasing the threshold for employee national insurance contributions immediately and consider reductions in employers’ NICs in the longer term, according to the CB