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Employment law

Every April and October we usually see a number of new employment laws released or changes published.


The first Monday in February has entered modern legend as “National Sickie Day” – the day when employees are most likely to pull a sickie, says Rachel Reid-Ellaby of 


Workers have won an important case at the Employment Appeal Tribunal that overtime should count when calculating holiday pay.


Primarily the 2014 Act does not appear to change the rules, or the conditions to be met by employers who wish to employ someone from outside the UK, explains Karen

From 1 October 2014 fathers and partners are entitled to take time off to attend ante natal appointments if they are in a “qualifying relationship” with a pregnant woman.

Although we have seen a fair amount of change during the year there are a couple of matters left to be dealt with which happen today.

Controversial new fees for workers filing an employment tribunal case introduced today have been criticised by unionists, employment lawyers and employer groups.


Britain's biggest public sector union has launched a legal challenge against the introduction of fees for workers claiming cases of unfair dismissal and discrimination.