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Entrepreneurs Relief

A lot of Accountants and their clients were wondering if the Budget would make any changes to Entrepreneurs' Relief.

In John Carver v HMRC, the First-Tier Tribunal examined whether "syndicate capacity", the right to participate in a Lloyd's of London syndicate, was in itself a business or an asset used i

While Budget 2015 was all about presenting generous morsels to individuals and regions, there were relatively meagre pickings for small businesses - mainly because most of the tax incentives fo


Two changes were announced in the Autumn Statement to the treatment of goodwill on incorporation, which had immediate effect from 3 December 2014.

These were as follows:


The Autumn Statement in December 2014 included a surprise amendment to the rules affecting how goodwill is treated on the incorporation of a trading business.

Quickly checking that post ESC C16's withdrawal there haven't been any other changes to preclude Entrepreneurs Relief when the company assets (and distribution) are in excess of £25,000 and the com


A and B trade in partnership.  A owns the property from which the partnership trades.  Market rent is paid to A in respect of the occupation of the property.


Looking at the scenario below and have been told by someone the loan size causes a problem with being able to obtain Entrepreneurs relief.


 summary of the key changes affecting businesses, individuals and estates from the Autumn Statement 2012 and the Draft Finance Bill 2013


The suggested content of the Finance Bill 2013 has now been published.