Entrepreneurs Relief

My husband and I bought a residential property 9 years ago  for business use. We changed the use to D1 and have run a day  nursery on the premises for the last 9 years.


The increase in the Entrepreneurs’s Relief lifetime allowance from £5m to £10m in the 23 March Budget is stimulating a bonanza of tax work, but also carries an increased risk of professional indemn


Andy White from CBW explains how Extra Statutory Concession C16 can reduce the tax liability when companies are struck off, and warns that it may become less generous when it moves to a statuto


I have made my client aware that HMRC may challenge the Entrepreneurs Relief claim we intend to make when we withdraw the £90k of cash remaining, under ESC C16.  He wants to know the kind of risk t


Political posturing during 2010 has turned Entrepreneurs' Relief into an effective vehicle for reducing tax  liabilities of small and business owners, according to Grant Thornton’s Mike Warburt

Client has terminal cancer and one of the options that he is keen on is to liquidate the company that he is 50% shareholder of such that funds are realised and then distributed but using ESC C16.


Lesley Stalker outlines the key considerations for property tax planning in the current framework and why should you ask clients if they are an investor or dealer.


Client was a sole trader for many years and has now taken on a partner as part of their process for their withdrawal from the business as retiring in 18 months time.

My client owns what is effectively an indoor market. If he were to sell would entrepreneurs relief be available?


Husband and wife, both UK resident, have jointly held for 5 years the entire share capital of a company registered and trading in Africa.