Entrepreneurs Relief

Lesley Stalker outlines the key considerations for property tax planning in the current framework and why should you ask clients if they are an investor or dealer.


Client was a sole trader for many years and has now taken on a partner as part of their process for their withdrawal from the business as retiring in 18 months time.

My client owns what is effectively an indoor market. If he were to sell would entrepreneurs relief be available?


Husband and wife, both UK resident, have jointly held for 5 years the entire share capital of a company registered and trading in Africa.


I have recently had a Local Compliance Capital Gains Tax check on one of my clients.


Lesley Stalker outlines how the increase in CGT and extension of entrepreneur’s relief are likely to affect small and medium sized business owners and highlights the tax planning opportunities


Client Mr B owns 100% of share capital in Company XYZ LTD. Company is being dissolved and the £100,000 reserves are being distributed as a Capital Distribution.


Mr B is selling the whole share capital of his family trading company to Mr C, and in principle qualifies for the effective CGT rate of 10%.


An individual has 2010-11 income of £30K, and gains arising in the year after budget day, net of any annual exemption and brought forward losses, in the following amounts:


My client (ltd company) are selling goodwill only - their purchaser will walk away rather than buy the company's shares. Company has no other assets.