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My monthly copy of the ACCA's rag dropped on to my desk this week and as usual I eagerly ripped open the packaging and feasted my eyes upon the content.


I am not an expert on VAT on imports and exports, but I have read the HMRC guidance.  A prospective clients wishes to establish a UK ltd company and register it for VAT.


Businesses who make and sell apps or provide digital services to consumers in the European Union will see their paperwork increase in January due to new legislation to counter tax avoidance, ex


One of my clients, a fashion sales company based in UK organises events in Paris. Their clients are from all over the world and UK. 


I currently live in the UK and run my own small business.


Is Albania ahead of the UK in Accounting Regulation?

Only days after being slapped in the face by UK voters the EU wants us to increase council tax. Only arrogance can lead to such behaviour.


Big client formerly market leader that has branched out too wide and its clients are criticising it, with many seeking an alternative supplier.


Once again the nation is gripped by election apathy , or is that an oxymoron ? Well you know what I mean .


The European Court of Justice (ECJ) has blocked Britain’s legal challenge to the financial transaction tax, or ‘Tobin Tax’, going ahead.