Hi - sure this has been asked 20 times but, dashing about.  Client visits German, pays expenses and bits & pieces carrying German VAT.


Businesses should be making preparations for changes to EU VAT on business to consumer supplies of e-services, broadcasting and telecoms, according to Debra Dougal, VAT partner at Haslers.


UK VAT Registered Client, has an online User generated content platform (UGC) with worldwide user base .


The reduction of reporting requirements on small and micro businesses came a step closer yesterday when the European Parliament voted through comprehensive changes

Lord Lawson has hit the nail on the head with Europe. I was thinking how 10 years ago I was sprouting forth that the EU was not good for us and we mustn't join the Euro .


The government has provoked a fresh row with Brussels by launching legal proceedings against a €35bn Financial Transaction Tax (FTT), or ‘Tobin tax’, agreed by 11


So we have a headline that EU fraud is running at £5bn. I must admit at being surprised how low it is. Yup , that's correct - it is far too low.


Conservative MPs have repeated their demand for the European Commission to appoint a commissioner to fight fraud in the European Union after a Lords report claimed that fraud is far higher than


The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has committed to dealing with the issue of base erosion and profit shifting (BEPS) in a