The European Court of Justice (ECJ) has blocked Britain’s legal challenge to the financial transaction tax, or ‘Tobin Tax’, going ahead.


Enjoyable stuff and Mr Farage certainly came across as more passionate but he is something of a showman . Mr Clegg appears more calm , collected and statesman-like .


So , once again our glorious leader , David Cameron , pledges to cut pointless rules.


Hi - sure this has been asked 20 times but, dashing about.  Client visits German, pays expenses and bits & pieces carrying German VAT.


Businesses should be making preparations for changes to EU VAT on business to consumer supplies of e-services, broadcasting and telecoms, according to Debra Dougal, VAT partner at Haslers.


UK VAT Registered Client, has an online User generated content platform (UGC) with worldwide user base .


The reduction of reporting requirements on small and micro businesses came a step closer yesterday when the European Parliament voted through comprehensive changes

Lord Lawson has hit the nail on the head with Europe. I was thinking how 10 years ago I was sprouting forth that the EU was not good for us and we mustn't join the Euro .


The government has provoked a fresh row with Brussels by launching legal proceedings against a €35bn Financial Transaction Tax (FTT), or ‘Tobin tax’, agreed by 11