Members of the Treasury Select Committee will examine George Osborne’s recently announced plans to "get tough" on overseas tax evasion.


Credit Suisse helped thousands of its US customers conceal their Swiss accounts and avoid billions of dollars in American taxes, a new report has alleged.

Doubts have been raised about whether HMRC has enough resources to tackle the most serious forms of tax evasion after official figures showed that just four inspec


The UK and Gibraltar governments have agreed to automatically share tax in

The government has signed agreements to automatically share tax information with Guernsey and Jersey as part of an effort to stop people hiding money offshore.

A minister has warned hospital trusts about using schemes to avoid paying tax, reports Nick Huber.


HMRC has denied speculation by tax advisers that it is planning a campaign against tax evasion in the entertainment industry.


HMRC has launched a fresh investigation into offshore tax havens, working with US and Australian authorities on data which has revealed individuals and tax adviser