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Excel 2010

David H Ringstrom continues his exploration of Excel functions with an explanation of how COUNTIF can work with LARGE and SMALL functions to manage numerical lists.


Hi - from time to time when I open an excel file I lose the paste/special options and also the format painter button doesn't work.  The problem is in excel not the files.



Running 64bit Excel 2010 and Sage 2013 just upgraded. Excel add-in in Excel does not work anymore after Sage upgrade (Know how to set options. That is not the issue)

Long-time AccountingWEB contributor Simon Hurst has been touring the country extensively for the past two years passing on tips and advice on how to “work harder with Excel 2010”.

These snippets from David H Ringstrom bring together some useful techniques for handling text in Excel.

We looked at using conditional formatting to present data in the first article in this t

Excel lecturer David Ringstrom has started publishing a series of quick Excel tips on our sister site AccountingWEB.com.

Simon Hurst advises how Excel’s PowerPivot add-in can streamline your dashboard measures.

Simon Hurst completes his management dashboard tutorial series with a look at effective visual presentation techniques.