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Excel 2010

Simon Hurst continues his KPI reporting casebook by incorporating some of the more advanced features available with Excel 2010, including PowerPivot.


Simon Hurst continues his tutorial series on KPIs by explaining how to present information clearly and with maximum impact.

One of the most satisfying Excel blogs on the Net is Contextures.

Simon Hurst returns to the scene of a previous management reporting tutorial to see how he can improve the presentation using new facilities in Excel 2010.


Microsoft has created a set of PDF Quick Reference Cards to help users navigate around Excel 2010.


I have Excel 2010 and seem to recall reading that a PDF file can be inserted into Excel.


Simon Hurst draws on queries and answers from the ExcelZone archives to offer a collection of time-saving worksheet handling tips.

Following his introduction to Microsoft Excel 2010, David H Ringstrom examines five more featur

Having got to grips with Excel 2010, lecturer David H Ringstrom highlights five minor changes that have improved his efficiency in the new version. Look out for more tips next week.


Simon Hurst assesses the case for adopting the new version of Microsoft Office.