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Excel 2013

More advanced versions of Excel 2013 offer extra analysis and viewing tools that take the spreadsheet into the realm of analytical databases.


As well as numerical data, text often finds its way into spreadsheets. Simon Hurst explains different ways you can deal with it.


In the previous instalment in this series we looked in some detail at the Power View add-in

Simon Hurst delves deeper into the reporting and visualisation capabilities of the Power View add-in for Excel 2013.

After looking into some of the more sophisticated reporting and analysis tools in Excel 2013, Simon Hurst goes back to basics with a tutorial on the spreadsheet program’s enhanced charting feat

This is the fifth part of our series looking at new tools for  

This is the fourth part of our series looking at new tools for working with

As a software author we are very keen to ensure that all our customers s

We’ve all done it at some time: accidentially closing an Excel workbook without remembering to save it. Or your computer crashes or the office is hit by a power cut.