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Excel dates

Excel lecturer David Ringstrom continues to share his productivity tips with the trans-Atlantic Excel user community.


This article collects together ExcelZone tips and tricks for dealing with the problems that can occur when working with dates in Excel.

A new series of articles offering tips and tricks to conquer common Excel problems starts with time formats and calculations.


i have had a 'database' created in excel  ie rows + columns of data and lots of it !




have an excel sheet containing a summary of a lot of word file, tables data which has been cut and pasted into excel


I have a column which I believe have dates in text. I would like to convert them in to proper date, ie DD-MM-YY.

For example: How do I convert 6th October in to 06-10-10?


I've just spent 3 hours manipulating several hundred lines of accounting data copied from a client's Excel spreadsheet and then spotted that all the transactions I was playing with were dated 2005


Hello all,

I am wondering if someone can help me with an excel problem. I am trying to draw up a spreadhseet for revenue received that is split over a period for accrual purposes.


Does any one know a quick method to resolve the issue of a spreadsheet with dates entered as text

e.g "10.12.2008"