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This Old Chestnut gets its annual airing... is a director liable to submit a tax return simply by virtue of being a director?


Part one of this series on expenses automation explained the growing importance of


Make no mistake, the Christmas period can sometimes feel overwhelming.

Employees in the UK are giving their employers an estimated £910m every year in unclaimed expenses, writes Kara Walsh.

Alongside the ground troops of the finance department, the busy Christmas period is just as stressful for financial directors and those in charge.

Employees on the finance team frontline can find themselves overwhelmed with the sheer bulk of work, such as invoicing and expenses, which can suddenly appear before the company shuts down for

Christmas is a time of peace. Snowdrifts, naps in front of the fire and a break from the toils of work. Remember that famous opening line of ‘Twas the Night before Christmas’?

The government’s proposals to ban supervised, directed or controlled (SDC) contractors from claiming tax relief on travel and subsistence costs could spell the end of umbrella companies, accord