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Unit4 previews its new digital assistant, which uses natural language and no specific user interface – if you don’t like Siri, look away now!

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We recently launched a nationwide competition to find the UK’s oldest expenses claim, says T.O. Pricey, chief historic expenses researcher at webexpenses.


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Interested in hearing members thoughts on paying advances to employees post 5th April 2016.


As we're all aware the expenses legislation changed from 6 April 2016, with that in mind we've been approached to use a hybrid product from Just Accounts which is a cross between an umbrella and fu

Two directors regularly use company card for their travel and subsistence expenses.


From April 2016 the rules on reporting of expenses and benefits are due to be reformed.

This Old Chestnut gets its annual airing... is a director liable to submit a tax return simply by virtue of being a director?


Part one of this series on expenses automation explained the growing importance of