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I'm self-employed and was hoping to claim part of my household rent as 'use of home' for work office (as is the case).  However, the way we have been running our household is that most of the domes


Keeping a reign on expenses can be a difficult, often Quixotic mission. There are some tips and tricks you can stick to, though, to make life a little easier.

A company with £20,000 annual profit which Buys a £1600 laptop, or Donates £200 to charity Does not get do do these at zero cost in real terms. They both still cost around 80% of the price paid it


In previous years we have submitted P11D expenses claims to HMRC P.O. Box 1970 Liverpool.

Is anyone aware of a change?


By moving from a paper-based expenses system to an online solution, Southampton Football Club (FC) reduced expenses processing by more than 70% and simplified its VAT claims.

Since 2013 and the rollout of RTI we’ve had our eyes firmly focused on cash earnings data but the next set of legislative and policy change is all about benefits in kind and expenses, reveals K


As part of the government’s policy ‘Creating a simpler, fairer tax system’, the Office for Tax Simplification (OTS) started a project in April 2013 looking at employee benefits and expenses, ex

I am in the process of renovating a house with the intention of letting it as a furnished holiday let from this summer onwards.


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We pay expenses to employees (drivers) such as subsistence, fuel and parking through their payroll, post tax, dispensation is in place.


Tax experts have called on the government to amend the tax and NIC legislation for employees’ travel expenses in order to put the rules on a “right and proper footing” for low-paid workers.