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I have recently taken over a new client who wants to close down his current company due to the fact that he has been on the same contract( via an agency) for more than 4 years and has been claiming


Former Labour MP for Rotherham Denis MacShane was jailed for six months yesterday after pleading guilty to expenses fraud.


Value added tax issues continue to be an area of confusion among businesses and individuals alike, explains Concur director


While many employees would happily own up to stealing the odd pen, workplace theft is a serious offence which in some cases can carry a jail term, explains

Whilst analysing expense reimbursements for the annual PSA exercise, we have seen several cases of employees claiming for meal costs as well as tipping, or other tips eg for taxi journeys; these ma


Advised by the company's HR dept that I could claim my interview expenses, as I travelled from up North down to London. Expenses covered hotel, train fares and food etc.


Amended Finance Bill 2013 clauses to implement the cash-accounting basis for tax have been accompanied by a changes to enact new, flat-rate expenses calculations w



I have a really old bathroom in my let property, over 15 years old.

I want to take it out install a new bathroom for the new tenants, totally revamp and upgrade.


International expenses management specialist Concur has released a series of myth-busting whitepapers for businesses that need advice about expenses.