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Two dates are ingrained on the mind of anyone who deals with payroll matters.


Now that the PAYE year-end returns are out of the way - for the last time for some businesses - Diana Bruce of the

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Thanks for taking the time to read this. A question more for my own curiosity than to actually put into practice :)



UK companies paid £692m last year in out of policy expenses, according to a new


Can I canvas views on what the situaion is on the following scenario?

Employees of Co 1 are in excess of the temporaty site time rules and as such certain costs are taxable.


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I have an actor friend (not quite a client!) who is self-employed, but for NI purposes is treated as an employee (following HMRC special rules for entertainers).


Lemon is a new online tool, mainly targeted at consumer users, that allows you to keep receipts digitised and organised for better financial recordkeeping.


I'm self employed and work from home as a Web Designer. The only thing is I live at home with my parents, so a section of my room is my office space.



Hi I have a client who operates as a Ltd and is a IT contractor. His wife is a yoga instructor and wants to know if he can put all income through the Co.