Hi I have a client who operates as a Ltd and is a IT contractor. His wife is a yoga instructor and wants to know if he can put all income through the Co.


Can you claim back back the VAT on the fuel element of a mileage claim if the person billing you is not an employee i.e. a freelancer?


The expectation, when reading an article about poor corporate expense behaviour, is to discover tips such as “take more long train journeys rather than domestic flights” explains


Claims for business travel are typically the largest area of employee expenses for most business, and the potential for mistakes and downright fraud in this area has been graphically illustrate

My client has just issued an invoice with a large amount of disbursments and expenses.


The rise in the VAT rate at the beginning of 2011 will add millions to the amount businesses lose through badly documented mileage claims, according to GlobalExpense.



We are a small limited company and have some expenses paid for the business out of my personal account such as Google Adwords, and some other small expenses.


A new GlobalExpense report reveals that UK businesses lost £1.3bn over fraudulent and out of policy expense claims during 2010.


There often seems endless debate on whether a particular expense is allowable or not. For example, is a training course updating current knowledge or gaining new knowledge.