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Thanks for taking the time to read this. A question more for my own curiosity than to actually put into practice :)



UK companies paid £692m last year in out of policy expenses, according to a new


Can I canvas views on what the situaion is on the following scenario?

Employees of Co 1 are in excess of the temporaty site time rules and as such certain costs are taxable.


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I have an actor friend (not quite a client!) who is self-employed, but for NI purposes is treated as an employee (following HMRC special rules for entertainers).


Lemon is a new online tool, mainly targeted at consumer users, that allows you to keep receipts digitised and organised for better financial recordkeeping.


I'm self employed and work from home as a Web Designer. The only thing is I live at home with my parents, so a section of my room is my office space.



Hi I have a client who operates as a Ltd and is a IT contractor. His wife is a yoga instructor and wants to know if he can put all income through the Co.


Can you claim back back the VAT on the fuel element of a mileage claim if the person billing you is not an employee i.e. a freelancer?


The expectation, when reading an article about poor corporate expense behaviour, is to discover tips such as “take more long train journeys rather than domestic flights” explains


Claims for business travel are typically the largest area of employee expenses for most business, and the potential for mistakes and downright fraud in this area has been graphically illustrate