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I am looking to check something with those members experienced in capital gains tax & business rollover relief.


Due to changes to EU farm subsidy and the milk quota schemes, Rebecca Cave warns that some farmers need to submit negligible value claims before 31 December

A client who deals in agricultural machinery had a spare field and bought a dozen ewes and a ram last year. These were entered into his accounts as stock at cost.


A farmer who claimed that tax law on the “averaging” of profits for tax purposes breached his human rights has lost an appeal in the upper tribunal. Nick Huber reports.

A farmer’s wife running a B&B won her case at a VAT tribunal to overturn HMRC's ruling that it was part of an "aggregated" business registered for VAT.


A client purchased 100 acre farm which was very run down. In 2010 he has had to put up new fencing and install field drainage to improve the main field before it can be occupied by stock.


Farming has traditionally been a trade that has shied away from trading through a limited company.


Individual owns piece of land which is outside of the local development area but MAY be incorporated into the area as the city expands.