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We have quoted an IT contractor £112 plus VAT monthly for: company accounts and tax return, monthly management accounts and div paperwork, monthly PAYE, personal tax return, and Cos House annual re


AccountingWEB member North East Accountant brought a common modern-day issue for practitioners to the community when he shared his experience on Any Answers recently. 

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I've been mulling over this for some while and wonder if I can get the general consensus from the collective...


Hi all.


Hope some of you very knowledgeable people can help me.



Fixed fees - a bit like Marmite, you either love them or hate them .

Actually , the real question lurking behind the headline is really this : - How do you explain to your staff that that they shouldn't expect a wage rise because fees have gone down.


I have had a call from a prospect for a possible meeting lasting around 3 hours to look at how to get better information from his accounts. So it's a management accountancy sort of project.


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I hope this annoyance of mine finds everyone enjoying a nice sunny May day!