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Raising your fees is always a difficult subject to broach with clients.


Enquiry case.  Client has a good salary, but little asset backing.  A possible outcome is that HMRC could bankrupt him.



While I offer some advisory services, most of work is compliance based.


Nearly two-thirds of respondents surveyed for the Bankstream Accountants Confidence index  have been affected by a squee


AccountingWEB spoke to Will Farnell, a long time member, about how early adoption of technology and a novel fee structure have helped his practice grow.


Almost a quarter of UK accountancy firms say they are likely to take advantage of the economic recovery and increase client fees over the next year to boost profitability, according to research


We have quoted an IT contractor £112 plus VAT monthly for: company accounts and tax return, monthly management accounts and div paperwork, monthly PAYE, personal tax return, and Cos House annual re


AccountingWEB member North East Accountant brought a common modern-day issue for practitioners to the community when he shared his experience on Any Answers recently. 

Hi all, 

I've been mulling over this for some while and wonder if I can get the general consensus from the collective...