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Fixed fees - a bit like Marmite, you either love them or hate them .

Actually , the real question lurking behind the headline is really this : - How do you explain to your staff that that they shouldn't expect a wage rise because fees have gone down.


I have had a call from a prospect for a possible meeting lasting around 3 hours to look at how to get better information from his accounts. So it's a management accountancy sort of project.


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No not me!

I lost a client this morning…but there isn’t a dark cloud hanging over me.


Two simple letters can ensure that you either maximise the profits you earn from auto enrolment, and/or eliminate your exposure in respect of auto enrolment, says


Accountants, of all professionals, are the ones who should be best placed to set their fees so as to cover their costs and generate a sufficient profit, writ


You know you want to sack a client, but how can you do this? Mark Lee explores the main options available to you.