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Are FHL properties safe from the newest finance cost relief restrictions for landlords of residential property?



Business Property Relief (BPR) is available to reduce the liability to Inheritance Tax (IHT) on the transfer of relevant business assets.

A single FHL property is owned by Mr and Mrs client.


I am in the process of renovating a house with the intention of letting it as a furnished holiday let from this summer onwards.


I have a client who has a FHL and in 2013/14 it was let for more than 155 days to one company.


Further to a recent question of mine, I have been tasked with finding a way around the 28% rate of CGT for a client of mine who wishes to dispose of his entire residential letting portfolio.


Client has bought an 8 bed Norfolk holiday home which was historically let for a just a few summer months by previous owners.



I understand that the owner of a property business can borrow against his capital account and any interest charged on this is deductible against the property income


A husband and wife have three separate letting units at their home which achieve Furnished Holiday Lettings status.  However since the rules changed to prevent an FHL loss being offset against gene