Limited liability partnerships (LLPs) in a high-profile tax dispute with HMRC will have to disclose more information about their

HMRC said it has paid £995m in tax relief to British film productions since 2007.

Investors in a film-investment scheme face a large tax bill after an upper tier tax tribunal ruled that "Eclipse 35" does not deliver the tax relief it claimed.


A gang who pretended to be making Bollywood films as part of a £6m scam to claim VAT and


A producer who made a 3D film has been sentenced to three years in prison for £1.5m VAT fraud.

A producer who made the UK's first 3D film has been found guilty of a £1.5m VAT fraud.


Filming of the next Star Wars movie will return to the UK, as the force - and attraction - remains strong with the country’s film tax incentives.


Liverpool FC fanatic and accountant Farook Owadally couldn’t resist the opportunity to get involved with a film about his favourite team’s biggest win.

Crocodile Dundee star Paul Hogan is on the lookout for his “bowler hat Englishman” tax adviser, who he claims has US$34m (£22m) of the film star’s money.