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Finance Bill

New rules applying from 6 April 2016 look set to bring more complexity to Members’ Voluntary Liquidations - and to business restructuring more widely.


Wendy Bradley summarises the technical consultation on measures for Finance Bill and highlights where you should exercise your speed reading muscles.


Reports from contractor groups ahead of Wednesday’s pre-Autumn Statement policy suggest that George Osborne is serious about introducing a new regime to police the use of personal service companies


As sure as night follows day, a Finance Bill follows a Budget. So what has happened to the Finance Bill that followed the summer Budget?

The Summer Budget blew holes through tax planning for small companies and non-domiciles, but only an in-depth analysis of the new law will tell us how those proposals will work in practice, say


With the Budget taking place this week the Finance Bill 2015 is set to be 

The first of two finance acts planned for 2015 could get a week or less time for debate in parliament thanks to the general election date fixed for Thursday

Individuals who work through their own personal service companies (PSC) could lose the ability to claim a tax deduction for the cost of travelling to their clients


The government pulled some of its punches and went for a low-impact approach in draft clauses published for the Finance Bill 2015 - but there are still some

Plans for a new diverted profits tax which will stop multinational companies from shifting UK profits overseas