Finance Bill

With the Budget taking place this week the Finance Bill 2015 is set to be 

The first of two finance acts planned for 2015 could get a week or less time for debate in parliament thanks to the general election date fixed for Thursday

Individuals who work through their own personal service companies (PSC) could lose the ability to claim a tax deduction for the cost of travelling to their clients


The government pulled some of its punches and went for a low-impact approach in draft clauses published for the Finance Bill 2015 - but there are still some

Plans for a new diverted profits tax which will stop multinational companies from shifting UK profits overseas


Many with more than one home know they can nominate one of those homes to be their “main residence”, and hence free of CGT (under


It’s never a good sign when a perfectly good tax relief is mentioned in the Autumn Statement


These tables reflect announcements made in December 2013.


Given all the pre-announcements and leaks ahead of the 2014 Au