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Finance Bill 2011

In her recent round of tax lectures, Rebecca Benneyworth warned that reforms to the p


Government tax policy is inconsistent and confusing new laws are being introduced without sufficient consultation – potentially undermining the crackdown on tax avoidance, a House of Lords comm

Unbelievable as it seems, according to HMRC there are employers who dutifully deduct PAYE and NIC from their employees’ paypackets every pay day, but somehow or other the money never reaches HMRC.


Nearly four years ago the government introduced a set of new rules that HMRC must follow when undertaking a taxpayer compliance check.

Concerns are being raised within the profession about the effect Finance Bill clauses will have on employee benefits for ordinary employees rather than the super-rich tax avoiders targeted by a


Well off parents who take advantage of employer-supported childcare (ESC) schemes to reduce their tax bills will be hit by a measure to be included in the Finance Bill 2011.

As part of its new approach to tax policy making, the government published


The draft of the Finance Bill 2011 set out new proposals for improving the operation of PAYE, including the collection of real time information. Rebecca Benneyworth reports.


Next year’s Finance Bill will include an overhaul of the controversial Information Powers which control how and when HMRC can ask for information from taxpayers and what types of data it can re


The government has published proposals that set out the ways in which tax policy making will change following the latest consultation process.