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Finance Bill 2012

The 696-page amended Finance Bill published in June has received Royal Assent today (17 July), marking the enactment of the Finance Bill 2012.

The Finance Bill 2012 has relaxed some rules for claiming capital allowances for plant and machinery capital allowances on fixtures in a property but tightened others.


These tables reflect announcements made between December 2011 and March 2012.


Barclays Bank has emerged as the target for two retrospective measures to close Corporation Tax avoidance schem


With just under a month to go before the Budget, the gravevine is already humming with rumours and pitches around what will be included in the Chancellor’s dispatch box on the day.

As part of its new approach to tax policy making, the coalition government has surpassed even New Labour in its enthusiasm for consultation.

David Cameron set the tone for the year when he told entrepreneurs at the launch of the 


The VAT changes announced by the government last week will probably not directly impact on most AccountingWEB members; however some businesses will be affected.

Rebecca Benneyworth assesses HMRC's summary of responses to the Agent strategy consultation, and finds