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Finola McManus

In February thoughts are now turning to how every practice can achieve its goals this year and maintain its position in an increasingly competitive marketplace, says 


Finola McManus outlines why February is the optimum ‘hunting season’ for new clients.


During perhaps the busiest time of your year and the shortest working month you may think you simply don’t have the time to think or plan ahead for 2016.

We are rolling towards the end of yet another year with little time to think of what we have accomplished and where the time has gone. Before we start planning for 2016, its time to review the

The end of the financial year presents career development and pay review discussions. Finola McManus looks at the ways a practice can motivate employees.


You are only as good as your client list. But one AccountingWEB member's relationship with their clients has led them to ask: Where have all the good people gone?


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The summer break is a distant memory and we are now very much bunkered down for the onset of winter and with that comes the dreaded 31 January deadline looming yet again.

The summer break is nearly upon us and many practitioners use this as an opportunity to reflect on what they need to change – especially in terms of keeping clients happy.