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Flat Rate Scheme

HMRC is ignoring verdicts of tax tribunals, and as a result, causing small businesses to pay a higher rate of tax than required, according to the ATT.


a client is on the flat rate scheme (FRS) and offers social media and web development services


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During 2014, perhaps the question I have been asked most often is how a taxable person using the FRS (Flat Rate Scheme) has to treat cross-border supplies.


Assume a company with turnover £30k pa, all invoiced to VAT registered businesses.  The FRS category would be 12% (not caught by other categories).  Would you advise on VAT regist


A Tribunal decision has provided further evidence of the difficulties that HMRC find in monitoring taxpayers’ use of the Flat Rate Scheme (FRS), and how they handle situations when there is an appa


An engineering business has won an appeal against HMRC after it disputed the legality of official guidance on the VAT flat-rate 


If a business is in its first year of registration for VAT and it is preparing an annual return and it discovers that it is more beneficial to the business to change to the flat rate scheme, can it


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