Flat Rate Scheme

An engineering business has won an appeal against HMRC after it disputed the legality of official guidance on the VAT flat-rate 


If a business is in its first year of registration for VAT and it is preparing an annual return and it discovers that it is more beneficial to the business to change to the flat rate scheme, can it


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I have a tree surgeon who needs to join the Flat Rate Scheme.


I have a one-man Ltd company client who was VAT registered (flat rate scheme), then, quite correctly, deregistered as he took a permanent job.


The government announced today that a new flat-rate state pension will start in April 2017.


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I'm aware the rules changed last year so now there is no requirement to include Bank Interest when calculating VAT for returns under the flat rate scheme.


It may sound simple, but the flat-rate scheme for VAT continues to cause problems for businesses and their accountants. This article from our Bu


I have been approached by a technical author  whose work is allied to the automobile industry  he is considering voluntary registration for vat and I need to establish the relevant flat rate vat sc