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The former head of financial accounting at an NHS Trust has been given a five-year jail sentence for defrauding two primary care trusts of £2.2m.


An accountant received a three-year jail sentence at Lincoln Crown Court this week for stealing more than £240,000 over a four-year period from a property business. 


KPMG’s fraud barometer has reported a rise in the number of younger, more 'tech-savvy' fraudsters in cases going through the Crown Courts.

An accountant and part-time pastor is at the centre of a fraud investigation, as he has yet to repay £4.1m of academy funds after

Two men from Derbyshire who tried to swindle more than £205,000 in


Former Fisher Phillips partner Adam Woricker has been jailed for eight years after pleading guilty to 32 theft and fraud offences. 


A Bristol businessman involved in a £156m VAT fraud wants to return to the UK and face his prison sentence after nearly 10 years on the run.


Taxpayers who are being investigated by HMRC for suspected tax fraud now don't have the option of co-operating with the investigation while denying wrongdoing under 


The Serious Fraud Office (SFO) was fined more than half a million pounds for owing HMRC £4m in VAT.

The fraud watchdog used to reclaim VAT on legal fees and some specialist staff.


A space travel company's former bookkeeper has been jailed for defrauding the business of £167,000.