What are my obligations, both in terms of professional ethics and legally, if I know a fraud has taken place?


The curse of showbusiness accounting scams played itself out in a Washington State county court this month as Pearl Jam’s former chief financial officer pleaded guilty to stealing $380,000 from his


Former Labour MP for Rotherham Denis MacShane was jailed for six months yesterday after pleading guilty to expenses fraud.


This isn't so much a question as a warning to practitioners and I feel something that warrants national press attention, though I could do with some opinion on what to do next.


Convicted Torex Retail accountants Christopher Moore and Mark Woodbridge will now face

The world of professional football continues to feature prominently in courtrooms around the world. Nick Huber reports on two recent cases.

A former HMRC employee who stole more than £93,000 in tax credits was jailed for 18 months for fraud. 

A former solicitor who conned clients by encouraging them to sign up to a scheme to help reduce their tax liabilities has been given a suspended sentence.


A former accountant who helped John Hirst swindle investors out of millions of pounds has been ordered to pay back more than £90,000 in compensation.


Nine men who pretended to be butchers, then made fraudulent VAT refund claims of £1m by faking invoices, have been sentenced after an investigation by HMRC.