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Two UK accountants were at the heart of a fraud case in Ireland in which Caribbean property company Harlequin won more than $2m in damages from a former contractor.


An accountant serving an 18-month prison sentence for tax fraud has been ordered to repay £195,500 or face a further two-and-a-half years in jail.


Accountant Robert Wilson has been jailed for two years for stealing £195,719.53 from his employer over a five year period, costing eight people their jobs.


Soap opera storylines are often far-fetched, but a well known AccountingWEB member helped EastEnders ensure the realism of a current plot involving company fraud.


An accountant who earned £150,000 a year working in the City has been jailed for a £3m fraud. 


German prosecutors have indicted Formula 1 motor racing boss Bernie Ecclestone on a bribery charge.

The National Employment Savings Trust Corporation (Nest) was the victim of a £1.4m “mandate" fraud after payments were fraudulently diverted to suppliers, according to a report by the

A Bristol accountant who hid unpaid tax bills from HMRC under his desk has been jailed for eight months for defrauding his employer of £25,000.


A report by forensic accountants that found computer bugs in the Post Office’s computer system has underlined the importance of basic bookkeeping and staff t


A finance director has been ordered to repay more than £340,000 in compensation to th