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Bestselling author Hanif Kureishi has lost his life savings of £120,000 after his former accountant encouraged him to invest in a potentially fraudulent property d


Birmingham tax adviser David Douglass was jailed for 18 months after stealing £400,000 in VAT and income tax fraud.


A man who was jailed for eight-and-half-years for his involvement in a £1.4m tax credit fraud where he stole the identities of more than 350 people has been

This may seem trivia and perhaps irrational


A finance director who defrauded two companies he worked for out of £700,000 has been jailed for three years.


“In times like these there is likely to be more fraud than less,” according to Stephen Gilchrist, the chairman of Saunders Law, which specialises in fraud and regulation work.

So we have a headline that EU fraud is running at £5bn. I must admit at being surprised how low it is. Yup , that's correct - it is far too low.


Conservative MPs have repeated their demand for the European Commission to appoint a commissioner to fight fraud in the European Union after a Lords report claimed that fraud is far higher than


Increased worry about VAT fraud has led to a sharp rise in the number of that VAT refunds that HMRC has delayed.


A couple from Kent have been jailed for committing insurance fraud and not paying tax on over £900,000 earnings from ‘ghost’ insurance broking.