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A senior finance officer of a limited company was excluded from the ICAEW after being jailed for two counts of fraud.

Mobile phone trader CCA Distribution Limited has been thrown a lifeline after winning a legal appeal against HMRC’s decision to withhold VAT re-payments worth about £10m.


A Dundee businessman, who pleaded guilty to using seven aliases to commit a £166,000 VAT fraud, has been sentenced to 18 months in prison after an investigation by HMRC.

Bestselling author Hanif Kureishi has lost his life savings of £120,000 after his former accountant encouraged him to invest in a potentially fraudulent property d


Birmingham tax adviser David Douglass was jailed for 18 months after stealing £400,000 in VAT and income tax fraud.


A man who was jailed for eight-and-half-years for his involvement in a £1.4m tax credit fraud where he stole the identities of more than 350 people has been

This may seem trivia and perhaps irrational


A finance director who defrauded two companies he worked for out of £700,000 has been jailed for three years.


“In times like these there is likely to be more fraud than less,” according to Stephen Gilchrist, the chairman of Saunders Law, which specialises in fraud and regulation work.