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The Financial Reporting Council has released a much anticipated consultation document detailing the future direction for micro-entity accounts follo


2012 will hopefully see a breakthrough in the progress towards changing UK GAAP.  Although many practitioners are not in favour of the change, the Accounting Standards Board (ASB) is working ha


The evolution of an international-based financial reporting framework for the UK has been dragging on for years.  Steve Collings looks at what worries practitioners up most – the future of our

John Stokdyk discovers some unlikely members of the campaign for real financial reporting within the Lords Economic Affairs committee.


The impact of new accounting proposals that are closely aligned with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) could result in many charities breaching loan covenants with their banks.


At a public consultation meeting in London on Monday, Accounting Standards Board interim chairman Roger Marshall indicated that the board was willing to adjust its

Technical lecturer Steve Collings has produced a step-by-step rundown explaining what medium-size companies will need to do when they apply FRSME for the first time. Download it here.

In this article, Steve Collings outlines the notable differences between current UK GAAP and the proposed ‘Financial Reporting Standard for Mid-Sized Entities’ (FRSME) which will largely affect

ASB technical director David Loweth and IASB chairman Sir David Tweedie urged UK accountants to stop dragging their feet over moving towards internationally based accounting principles.


In the first of a series of  ‘FAQ’ articles, Steve Collings addresses some of the key aspects of the proposed Financial Reporting Standard for Mid-Sized Entities (FRSME).