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This sequence of tutorials has looked at different Excel functions and features that can be used for adding up and otherwise evaluating values:

In the second instalment of his overview of Excel’s summary functions, Simon Hurst delves further into the different capabilities of SUMIF, SUMIFS and array formulae for creating conditional su


Simon Hurst gets his teeth into the different characteristics of  Excel's aggregate and summary functions.


As well as numerical data, text often finds its way into spreadsheets. Simon Hurst explains different ways you can deal with it.


Simon Hurst turns his attention to standard Excel functions such as SUMIF and SUMPRODUCT that make it easier to produce summary totals.

David Ringstrom says that building complex spreadsheets without using VLOOKUP is like putting a screw in the wall with a hammer.

AccountingWEB’s trans-Atlantic Excel trainer David H Ringstrom continues his series with a look at techniques to improve the integrity of the AutoSum function.

6 contributor David Ringstrom steps through some shortcuts to deal with a common Excel irritation, where the spreadsheet won’t recognise figu


Continuing his exploration of the latest version of Excel, Simon Hurst delves into some of the new functions that may be useful for accountants.