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“I believe we'll see a further acceleration in the pace of cloud software adoption we saw build over 2013 as cloud apps catch up with their PC predecessors and overtake them in certain regards.

The iPad mini has been voted as AccountingWEB's Gadget of the Year for 2013 in the culmination of our Christmas Gadget Countdown.


Thanks to Apple and Samsung and the astonishing speed and ingenuity of app developers the smartphone has evolved from a nerdy affectation to a mainstream, all-pu

Are you lusting after the latest gaming console? Or hoping Santa will leave an iPhone 5S in your stocking? Then keep an eye on our 2013 Christmas gadget countdown.


The rivalry between Samsung and Apple is fast becoming the new Coke v Pepsi of the tech world, and Samsung's latest S4 certainly gives Apple something to be nervous about.


With all the fuss and hype centering around iPhones and Androids, it's easy to see how the Windows phone can get lost in the mire. 


HMRC has announced it will be trialling “a range” of mobile devices with staff including iPads, tablets and hybrid laptops over the coming months.  


While Microsoft is the most familiar, widely used and accepted technology brand in most offices today, by 2014 Apple will be just as popular, according to IT analyst Gartner.