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A couple of weeks with Samsung’s widescreen smartphone introduced John Stokdyk to the world of Android.


Henry Osadzinski gets to grips with the BlackBerry's rival to the Apple iPad.

BlackBerrys, iPhones and other smartphones will no longer be viewed as benefits in kind, following a change of heart from HMRC.


A first encounter with the new Nokia Windows smartphone got Henry Osadzinski wondering whether Microsoft could outstrip RIM in the business mobile market.


The Consumer Electronics Show taking place in Las Vegas last week was described by the New York Times as “a deafening showcase for tablets, thin TV screens, superthin laptops and Android phones

AccountingWEB community manager Henry Osadzinski tests out one of the latest portable projectors to hit the market.


For many accountancy practitioners, April Fool’s day was no joke.

This year's Gadget Zone Christmas Countdown Gadget of the Year Awards ceremony certainly lived up to the hype. Yes, just me, my laptop and a mug of decaff!


“What would you want to bother with Excel on an iPad?


While AccountingWEB members have been contemplating the cutting edge of dumb USB-connected