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Interest continues to intensify in smartphone apps that have a practical use in business. Gail Purvis uncovers some more gems.


Gail Purvis reports on hybrid hardware devices exhibited at the recent Computex show in Taipei.


With the advent of new devices and work patterns, it's important not to carry on in the same old ways, says Digita founder Jerry Rihll.


Tax adviser Alison Houghton broke the habit of a lifetime by winning an Apple iPad in Venture Finance’s 2011 Budget Sweepstake.


Choosing his favourite mobile apps of 2010, New York Times technology writer


Post iPad, Gail Purvis found that consumer hardware took on a wild variety of hybrid variants at last week’s Las Vegas gadget fest.

Just like the January sales – which are enjoying an extra level of frenzy this year due to the VAT rate rise on the 4th – the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and Macworld in San Franc


As he prepares his shortlist for this year's annual gadget countdown, executive peripherals editor Nigel Harris looks back at the winners from previous years.