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George Osborne

The government will introduce a diverted profits tax on multinational companies who move profits generated in the UK to lower tax locations overseas.


Given all the pre-announcements and leaks ahead of the 2014 Au


Savers will be given greater freedom over how they take a tax-free lump sum from their pension pot, according to new arrangements due to be set out by the Treasury


George Osborne was asked to apologise in Parliament after the official statistics body ruled he used “inappropriate” figures about the government’s success in cracking down on


Members of the Treasury Select Committee will examine George Osborne’s recently announced plans to "get tough" on overseas tax evasion.


Inheritance tax (IHT) will be waived on the estates of people in the armed forces who die on active duty, the government proposed in its

People will be able earn up to £10,500 tax free from April 2015, an increase of £500 in the personal allowance, Chan

George Osborne has hailed the biggest upward revision to growth between Budgets for at least 30 years, but despite a “resilient” economy warned growth will slow in

This Wednesday (19 March) AccountingWEB and will be hosting a live online session throughout the Chancellor's speech.


Stamp duty land tax (SDLT) received a mention in the Chancellor’s autumn statement last week; Finance Bill 2014 draft clauses published earlier today added more me