George Osborne

As George Osborne delivers his Spending Review in the House of Commons at 12.30pm on 26 June, AccountingWEB and

George Osborne is a great believer in tax competition (and “believer” is the word, as the evidence is not there to support him).


George Osborne has unleashed a very clever weapon in the Scottish referendum debate. As a very jingoistic and proud people most Scots would tell you that they woud like to be independent.


The government has provoked a fresh row with Brussels by launching legal proceedings against a €35bn Financial Transaction Tax (FTT), or ‘Tobin tax’, agreed by 11


Okay , I declare an interest - I was a member of AWeb's revered and distinguished budget panel . I have never paid so much attention to a budget before .


The Chancellor has announced a raft of Budget tax measures to encourage business investment and growth, including £2,000 in national insurance contributions (NIC) relief for all businesses.


The Chancellor was forced to admit in his fourth Budget that the economy will grow by just 0.6% this year - half the 1.2% estimated at the time of the autumn state

AccountingWEB editor John Stokdyk sets the scene for the annual Budget ritual on AccountingWEB.

Whether it is media hype or genuine interest, the public seem addicted to professional attempts at second guessing the Chancellor of the Exchequer each year.